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" If you look good you feel good..." Deion Sanders. A quote I learned to live by, If you look good on the outside it makes you feel great on the inside! Women possess so much power in the way they present themselves, having confidence starts from looking in the mirror and telling yourself how amazing you look. Destination Swimwear is an online store that was created for women to shop for an exclusive one of a kind swimsuit that screams " I AM CONFIDENT". Our exquisite line of swimsuits are undeniably unique for each of your final destinations. 



DSWIM is finally here and we are so excited to share with you dozens of swimsuits we have crafted to fit all of your future destinations! Destination Swimwear also known as DSWIM was created for women to feel confident in their own skin while wearing our one of a kind swimsuits! You will see a variety of different colors material and styles that were inspired by the countries and states I've visited and some that are on my bucket list! 


                                                                                                          xoxo- Racquel Simone