Welcome Aboard! 

When planning a vacation that involves a beach or a pool you always think of what swimsuit to pack. Here at Destination Swimwear we have customized swimsuits to fit any and every one of your future destinations.

Hi there and thank you for visiting, my name is Racquel Simone, owner of DSWIM! I decided to create an online store for women to have a place where they can find unique crafted swimsuits. Along side the swimsuit line, I am also a serial traveler. That's how the name Destination Swimwear came about!

I was inspired while landing in Puerto Rico when the flight attendant said "You have reached your final destination", every time my flight would land. The phrase always stirred feelings of excitement! The light bulb switched on in my head after receiving comments about my swimsuits on a traveling video to Jamaica I posted. I thought to myself I know how difficult it was for me to find the perfect swimsuit so why not start creating my own.

Wherever you are traveling you take something with you. The style and material of each swimsuit are inspired by the many destinations that I have already visited or plan to visit that reflects the culture of the place. When designing the swimsuits I kept in mind that women wear swim tops as day-to-day wear so most of the swimsuits can be worn as crop tops! I hope that you are able to enjoy the swimsuits as much as I have creating them. Where to next?!

Pilot (owner)- Racquel Simone

Co- Pilot - Mike Hanson

Flight Attendants-  Gail Chung and Kurt Bigenho